While our basic premise is for everyone to have fun…we still have to have rules.  Please review the rules below.  If you have any questions, your field refs will be happy to answer them.

Basic Policies


Any team knowing in advance that they will be unable to play in a scheduled match may request to cancel and take a loss. All cancellation requests must be completed prior to 12:00pm the day of the game, or Friday for Sunday games. The GSSS Office must be contacted when canceling a game.


Game time is forfeit time. A team must report to the game site and be “ready to play” with the minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit. “Ready to play” means checked in with the proper game equipment and on the field/court ready to begin play at the scheduled game time. It is advised that teams show up 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. The GSSS Staff will be responsible for calling a forfeit


Rule interpretation and player eligibility protests must be declared immediately after the play in question.  Rulings involving official’s judgment may NOT be protested.


All participants are expected to play according to the rules and policies set for by GSSS. Please review the “League Info” page on the website regarding player conduct.

Inclement Weather

During league play and/or playoff games, a game “under play” may be called due to inclement weather or mechanical failure of the lights. Situations that would warrant calling games due to inclement weather would be lightning and thunder, tornado warnings and conditions that would be deemed injurious to participants continued play.  The GSSS Supervisor will have the responsibility for calling games due to inclement weather or light failure. Games that are called prior to starting by the supervisor will be re-scheduled (if time permits) by the GSSS Staff.


A participant may be on the official roster for only one team.

More Policy Information

For additional information please review the League Info page at GSSS.com

Game Regulations


There are a maximum of six (6) players per team on the court (have to have at least 2 female players). Team can have up to 10 players on a team.

If a team has 1 female, the most males they can play at a time is 3.

Four (4) games per night played to twenty-five (25) by rally scoring.

Playoffs will be a “best two (2) out of three (3)” match.

Championship matches of the playoffs will be best three (3) out of five (5).

If a team is not there at game time, the first game of the set will be forfeited. After ten (10) minutes, the entire match will be forfeited.

Substitutions may be made after a team regains possession of the serve. Substitution pattern must stay the same throughout the game. The pattern can be changed after each game.

There will be one (1) 30-second timeout per team per game.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a loss of point and side out for the first offense. The second offense will result in removal of the game and facility.

Clarification of Select Rules

A ball that hits/touches any part of the line is in bounds.

A ball hitting the net on a serve and crossing over the net to the other team’s side is a live ball.

The server must be behind line when contacting the ball.

Teams rotate clockwise after regaining possession of the serve. Rotating improperly (and/or not having somebody serve) results in a loss of serve and a point for the other team.

Contact with the ball must be a “clear” hit.  No palming, lifting, pushing or carrying of the ball allowed.  Any palming or pushing of the ball will be called a lift.

Teams change courts and serve at the end of each game.

The ball may be contacted by any part of the body.  Use of head, fist, and feet are permissible. All count toward the maximum of 3 hits per side.

The same player cannot contact the ball twice in succession; however, simultaneous contacts by more than one player on same team are allowed and are considered as one contact/hit.

Players participating in such simultaneous contact may participate in the successive contact.

Simultaneous contact by players on opposing teams also permit players involved to participate in successive contact; however, if this results in the ball being shortly held it is a double fault and played over.

When players on opposing teams commit fouls simultaneously, it is a double foul and played over.  Points are not scored on a double foul. Touching the net at any time is a foul, except when a hard driven spike forces net into a player while he/she is on his/her side of the court. For any player that touches the net after spiking a ball, the play will be whistled dead and called a side-out.

A player may reach over the net while blocking or in follow-through of a hit ball, but cannot reach over net in attempt to intercept ball until the opponent has completed the attack/hit.  Thus, a spiked ball cannot be blocked until it has been hit.

Any part of a player’s body may be in the air below the net and beyond the centerline (line below the net) if he/she does not interfere with opponents play by either touching ball or opponent.

Three hits maximum for each side; except when ball touches blockers hand(s) (three more hits are legal after a block.

A female must hit the ball at least once before it goes over the net unless there are less than three total hits.

A player cannot attack (spike) or block the ball directly off the serve. Serves must be returned with a bump, closed fist, clasp of hands or set.