League Policies

Participants in Garden State Social Sports sports leagues must be at least 18 years of age.

All participants are responsible for knowing the league’s policies.



Team: An entire team registered by one person serving as the team captain.

Individual/Free Agent: A person that registers on their own and for whom Garden State Social Sports will find a team.

Payments / Refunds

All teams and free agents MUST PAY ONLINE in order to register. If you cannot pay online, arrangements can be made for fees to be paid IN PERSON at the Garden State Social Sports office.

All team & individual spots will only be held once FULL payment has been received.

In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be submitted 14 calendar days prior to the season start date.  After this time, no player or team will be eligible for a full or partial refund or credit.

NO refund policy applies to the following situations:

Once a sport, tournament or social event has been sold out.  (Exception: When SOLD OUT no refund will be issued to any team/individual, unless team/individual finds a replacement for themselves.  Before the refund is granted the replacement team/individual must call the SSC office to provide payment).

Player injuries, change in physical condition or changes in circumstance.

Teams or individuals suspended or ejected from SSC leagues due to any breaches of SSC Policy (e.g. fighting, alcohol at facilities, etc).

For closures due to inclement weather, defaulted, cancelled or rescheduled games.

All refund requests must be submitted by email (no phone calls please).


Garden State Social Sports requires all players to sign a waiver prior to playing in any league, including all members of your team and any substitutes.  Any team that allows a player (roster player or substitute) to play in a game without signing a waiver will be disqualified and the game will be forfeited. Please click here to review the waiver.

Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, Garden State Social Sports will update the weather hotline accordingly.  An email will also be sent to all team captains. Every effort is made to inform everyone of the status of games at least 12 hours before the games begin.  In some cases, the weather does not allow for such a timeline.  In any instance, it is the responsibility of the players to check the weather hotline for cancellations.  If there is no message indicating games are canceled, the games will be played.

We make every effort to get games in on time and have each season played out fully.  Garden State Social Sports reserves the right to shorten season due to excessive rainouts and schedule make-ups and playoffs on days/nights other than regular days/nights.


Garden State Social Sports rents all fields and facilities for use by our players and staff.  The facilities must be respected and left in the order in which they are found.  All teams must remove any trash and debris when their game is over.  Any major complaint from the facility, regarding a player or team, will likely result in suspension or expulsion from the league.

Privcy Policy

Garden State Social Sports respects and protects the privacy of our players. Garden State Social Sports will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any user details derived from the registration for or use of an ESSC service — including user names and addresses — without the consent of the user (except as required by law or in the case of imminent physical harm to the user or others).

When Garden State Social Sports uses agents, contractors or companies to perform services on its behalf, Garden State Social Sports will ensure that the company protects your information consistent with this Policy.

A user may choose not to receive direct marketing communications from Garden State Social Sports by contacting the office with the request. Upon such notification, Garden State Social Sports will remove the user from their distribution list.

Teams and Players


Each full team registration fee covers a maximum number of players allowed on the roster.  Each additional player, beyond the initial registration limit, will incur a cost of $20 per player.  Please see the specific sport’s registration page for the number of players allowed under the initial team fee.

There is no maximum number of females allowed in a game.

A substitute player is allowed to play on a team one time during the regular season at no charge, after filling out a waiver.  Substitutes playing in a second game must be added to the team roster.  If the substitute puts the team over the initial roster limit after the second game, the additional player fee of $20 will be incurred.

For Playoffs:

Only players on a team’s roster are allowed to play in the playoffs.  Further, Rosters must be complete two games before the end of the season (e.g., rosters must be complete and submitted before the start of game five of a six game season).


All players are responsible for knowing the rules before playing in any game.


Metal cleats are not permitted in any league.


Garden State Social Sports reserves the right to move teams to a division better suited to their level of play, based on previous performance.

Naming Your Team

While team names can be fun, each team is responsible for ensuring their name is not offensive or derogatory.  No curses, slurs or explicit language should be used.  Garden State Social Sports reserves the right to not allow any team name that is deemed inappropriate.  If your team has a questionable team name, please contact the office to ensure the name will be allowed.  Please contact the office prior to buying shirts or jerseys to make sure your team name is allowed.

Player Conduct

Physical or Unsportsmanlike Play

Play that is rough or overtly aggressive, taunting, or unsportsmanlike acts (name calling, threats and intimidation) will not be tolerated.  If a player is ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike conduct, that player will also be suspended from the following game.  Two in-game ejections in one season will result in suspension for the rest of the season.  Three in-game ejections over a player’s time with Garden State Social Sports will result in expulsion from the league.  Teams are responsible for their own players.


Any physical aggression toward another player will result in automatic suspension for the season.  A second instance will result in expulsion from the league.  Garden State Social Sports reserves the right to expel a player from the league after the first fighting offense.  This policy will apply to any party involved in the fight to any degree.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages while playing in games or at the facilities in which games are held is strictly prohibited.  Violators may be suspended or expelled from the league.